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No commentary needed because anything I say will never capture how the point flew over their heads

With soulmates, you get together and everything is perfect.

With a Twin Flame there is chaos: one can be attached, age difference, different locations, or the person has some serious issues and is afraid to open up to the energy because the bond is too intense.


 Damon and Elena + candles

Twins flames

yeah they've never developed any good storylines for tyler. the werewolf curse? the struggle for control in his life after being controlled by his abusive father, the moon, and klaus? gaining some agency and using that to help save people like him? watching him grieve after losing everything because some abusive psychopath took every last positive thing out of his life? yeah he has not had a single decent storyline.

The werewolf curse was about introducing Klaus and really had nothing to do with developing Tyler’s character. He was a plot device and spent most of his time offscreen somewhere.

Gaining his agency and liberating the hybrids was about reintroducing the sire bond for DE’s story (this is from JP’s own mouth) and about creating more screentime for Klaus as build-up for The Originals. It actually started out well but then got dropped, as usual.

Watching him grieve lasted an episode, and then he left again.

I didn’t say he didn’t have good potential storylines, I said they’ve never been sufficiently developed. The majority of his stuff is done to service plot or in the development of other characters. They use him for a bit and then send him offscreen somewhere. A little later, he pops back up when they need to use him again.

Why such an aggressive tone? I like Tyler and he’s actually my favorite of the secondary characters but the fact is, they haven’t utilized MT’s talents the way they could have.  In fact, this season they haven’t utilized most of the actors the way they should have.

Welp, you were right on about the Traveler's taking over Tyler. Do you think they're going to take over Damon, too? Maybe that's the two mains who have a mystery fate at the end of the season.

Tyler’s pretty much been a marked man for a long time and he was tops on my list of people getting ‘passengered’. And, now that there’s no Traveler knife, I’m more sure than ever that he’s a dead man - even if it doesn’t stick. If it does, that’s really sad. Michael Trevino is quite a good actor - far better than any of the other regular supporting actors in the cast - but they’ve just never spent enough time developing good storylines for his character.

I’m not sure about Damon getting taken over. This entire season - and last season, actually - has been leading up to what I think his S5 endgame will be.  5x18 really solidified it in my mind, but I’m just not certain exactly how he’s getting there.


“La vida no es lo que uno vivió, sino que lo que recuerda, y cómo la recuerda para contarla”.

Gabriel García Márquez (1982-2014)


La vida no es lo que uno vivió, sino que lo que recuerda, y cómo la recuerda para contarla”.
  • Gabriel García Márquez (1982-2014)

Sorry, anon, I’ve lost your message in the tumblr abyss but I’ll respond here.

My issue is not about DE, in and of itself. I have few problems with their story, other than the repetitiveness lately and the contrived nature of some of their problems. I’m not saying it’s been perfectly written this season but even so, I’ve never had trouble seeing the bigger picture and understanding what the writer’s were doing. 

It’s not a fear for DE being wrecked. Honestly, if anyone walked away fom 5x18 still not realizing that the core romantic love story of TVD is Damon and Elena, then they just need to give up because they’ll never understand what they’re watching.

This aint a fairytale(part II): Damon/Elena


Before I start this meta, I think I should point out how people take it very hard to in ways digest(?) anything that does not fall under a clearly defined dichotomy when it comes to a otp and a ntp. Elena must loathe Stefan and love Damon. Elena mustn’t want a normal human life after being with Damon. Elena mustn’t have a close friendship to Stefan or say “I love you” even if platonic and mustn’t appreciate her relationship in the past with Stefan. These clearly categorical patterns/tropes ensure us that we’re on the “right” ship; that we’ve got the story right without doubt.

But narratives work best when there are doubts, questions raised by the characters themselves that have to do with their characters individually and collectively. Clear cut certainty by the characters in more than one respect, does not ensure just an ending but also ensures the death of the story because when it comes to the dynamic between two people, it develops and grows with time, and in the case of TVD I still say there are “subtly obvious hints” where there are still dichotomies presented like fantasy/real throughout the series and even in this episode. But it isn’t clearly defined because Elena didn’t hate the visions. But the problem is that the details if taken into consideration given who the characters are and their narratives all along you see a lot more of a difference. You don’t just jump in and never look back to question your insecurities again, even if you are sure of some things. You don’t always fall in love with the type of person you expect or let go of the expectations of life that you have. Sometimes you fall in love with the wrong person and it makes you question everything you know, everything you want and it makes you afraid because your certainty has been disturbed and you don’t have an answer as clearly because you want them but also are conflicted by your expectations before about what this means about being with them, and still needing them despite this conflict. How do you reconcile your struggle between reality and idealized expectations of fantasy when you don’t know how to let go of someone but also know you can’t hold onto them the way you want to?

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